Couples and Sex Addiction Recovery - Interview with Carol the Coach

Carol the Coach is a great resource for sex addiction recovery. I became aware of her many years ago from her interesting interviews with sex addiction experts like Dr. Drew and Dr. Patrick Carnes. I appreciate how she gives a voice to so many issues that people face in sex addiction recovery.

I was recently interviewed on Carol radio podcast, and we discussed the impact of sex addiction on couples and what they can do in the early stages of recovery. 

One of my takeaways from our interview is that partners need three things: safety, connection, and trust. I also appreciate how she spoke to the importance of being present for sexual activity with your spouse, and how keeping your eyes open is a great way to be in the moment. 

Carol the Coach has interviewed sex addiction experts for over four years now, and she also writes prolifically on her blog. You can download her podcasts on itunes as well under Carol the Coach. 

Thank-you again Carol for the opportunity to discuss some of the important issues facing couples in early recovery. If you're experiencing the effects of sexual addiction as a couple, feel free to download my free trust recovery kit, which helps couples who have encountered betrayal begin the recovery process. 

Here's the full interview!